Product Description Writing



Most frequent questions and answers

It honestly depends on both the niche and your products. From our testing, shorter copy performs better as people’s attention spans are short. Most people would prefer to get the same information from 100 words rathe than 200 words.

Yes! We use one or two focus keywords per description, and then several long tail keywords to increase organic traffic. 

Definitely send us a message and we can get you set up with a custom offer. From there, you’ll be able to order as many descriptions with as long of a deadline as you need.

A simple link (aliexpress or alternative) is perfectly fine, as long as we can get a brief idea about the product, it’s features etc. we’ll do the rest!

Our team has written over 1000 orders, so trust me when I tell you we can write for any niche under the sun 🙂

A simple product link, and some additional information is all we need. So we can best identify the brand tone, target audience, as well as competition. If you don’t have a product link or website, some photos will be enough for us to get started.